Investing in a commitment to developing market and border markets

Properly move the tangible property from the provider to the end user.

To promote lasting relationships and carry each other to success.

To give back to the communities we are in.

Basra Sky Oil & Gas Service Company is a global commodity and related commodity company, founded by a dedicated investor and a diverse team of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience. We bring new and innovative approach to energy and commodity trading, supply chain, goods planning and services.

We Make People Successful.

More than just moving energy from overfed areas to where it is needed, our activities play a vital role in fulfilling the promise of power and opportunity for all.

Central to this is our culture, namely the way we treat and value people - our employees, our business partners and colleagues, the citizens of the countries in which we operate, and the full range of stakeholders we influence through our actions and decisions.

We connect the dots, we bring together people, intelligence and strength, and a vision of shared value and success, delivering energy products that help build successful businesses and communities.

At Basra Sky, we work to help people thrive, thrive and chase their skills.

Whether our investors, end users, financiers, or third-party providers, we start with the needs, goals, and desired outcomes for each stakeholder group and work backwards from there.

We focus on our success metrics and performance indicators that are critical to the needs of our clients and stakeholders in order to be successful when they succeed.

Every employee, from a senior executive, to a senior entrepreneur or a recent college graduate, is challenged to consider the lower impact of their work products and decisions. Speed ​​is important in business; we have a bias of action, but we are examining the long-term effects and, as such, we believe in double-cutting and cutting once in those major decisions that affect many participants.

We are fascinated We are charmed.

Weigh in yards and not inches.

We believe that short-term focus leads to unstable outcomes and poor thinking. We look for talented, entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial leadership in strategic solutions.

We value integrated thinking processes and systems, which create long-term value; over profit-making strategies, which may be temporary.

The world is changing rapidly, yet nearly a billion people lack electricity. We also look forward to developing new solutions to the unique problems countries face in achieving their energy aspirations.