How We Work

Basra sky Energy is a global trading commodity with years of expertise and highly efficient and trained staff who deal with 2100 ton/ day of oil and gas. You gain bandwidth, adaptability, and significant improvement, allowing you to yield automobiles more quickly and precisely. We attempt to minimize co2 emissions from our operational processes i.e. loading, offloading, product staffing, management inspection and the product lines we provide.

Innovating in Oil & Gas

Improving performance in the oil and gas industry

◎ Working as Environmental Management
◎ Prioritizing the Health, Safety and Success of the people we touch
◎ Committed and emphasis on sustainable performance

We Prioritize

◎ Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC)
◎ Code of Conduct and Principles of Leadership
◎ Business Management
◎ Risk Management

Working as Environmental Management - because we owe it to future generations


Our impact on the community begins with the Basra Sky Energy Oil & Gas Service Company staff and extends to a large network of clients, partners, and stakeholders. We place great importance on:

◎ Health and Safety
◎ Human Rights and Employment Standards
◎ Social Impact
◎ Supply Chain Standards

Committed Commitment and emphasizing sustainable performance - because good governance is good for business.


Basra Sky Energy policies, procedures, SOPs and Strategies focus on:

◎ Renewable Energy
◎ Pollution
◎ Utilization of Resources / Ecological Footprint
◎ Climate Change

Prioritizing the Health, Safety and Success of the People We Affect - because trust is hard to gain and it breaks quickly


Because good governance is good for business, we set high standards, train employees and closely monitor compliance.